The Firm

Debt End Services is a Cyprus based dedicated debt recovery and collection firm offering a new course in this area through the set up and provision of an effective operational platform for achieving superior repayment remediation results for clients, from small businesses to large financial institutions. The firm assists its clients to better manage and monitor their credit control and risk and can be involved in the full collection process in a seamless way.

What We Do

We provide efficient and bespoke pre-legal and legal operations on a Business to Consumer (B2C) and Business-to-Business (B2B) basis that warrant the close monitoring of the assigned credit claims portfolio and enables the pursuance of the client’s business strategy for recoveries.

Our pre-legal services coverearly and late stage debt collectionoperations for volume and labour-intensivecredit claims through quality customer service in a compliant manner. As your debt collection agency of choice, we contact customers and debtors who have missed payment deadlines or officially defaulted on their debt obligations. In early arrears assignments customers are contacted and reminded for their payment schedule in advance or overdue payments, depending on the profile and policy, an action is agreed and their response to that is monitored. In late arears customers are traced and offered suitable customised solutions to restructure or repay their debt. We data cleanse information to ensure accurate information to enhance the chance of success and we actively seek to get the payments completed in as short a time as possible.

Our legal processes and recoveries services cover end-to end the legal procedures for all types of debt receivables in accordance with the Cypriot legal framework and market practices. We leverage on our deep knowledge and experience in local legal practices and through the interactive management of cases by legal and collections teams we target the maximization of net recoveries.

The offering of pre-legal collection and legal operations allows the firm to act as a single point of contact by putting under one roof the service of following the debt through to payment, whilst safeguarding the debt originator’s reputation.

To complement our litigation and collection services, making the process more efficient, we provide specialist activities such as Tracing and tailor-made Field Agency Work. We use publicly available and other data sources to find the right person to enable the commencement of the recovery activity or update the data records for the client.

We offer debt collection services covering pre-legal and legal processes- including the handling all aspects of Civil and Commercial litigation, for large claims to International clients and Multinational Companies for Cyprus and Greece.

Debt End Services

About Us

The firm is associated to one of the biggest and most reputable law firms in Cyprus with long tradition and expertise in legal collections. It draws expertise and resources from its founders which cover the full legal spectre of the distressed asset universe and debt management operations in the banking industry. This versatile structure provides the firm with the ability to draw in, for whatever size of assignment, an experienced individual or team from their associates and through strategic partnerships with industry experts and advisors to meet each client's specific needs however complex and demanding these might be.

The firm has built on their associates’ and external partners’expertise, drew in new resources and adopted the latest collection practices to provide customized retail debt collection services to financial institutions and other companies in Cyprus through the operation of a central office in Nicosia and a modern and efficient telephone call center.

Debt End Services

Debt End Services is an affiliate member of FENCA, the Federation of European National Collection Associations. FENCA represents the interests of credit management, debt collection and debt purchase sector on the European level, subscribing to its continuous effort of improving business standards and best practice in order to provide the best possible service to creditors and consumers alike.

Our Values

We set the highest possible standards for treating the customers fairly.

We are committed towards conducting our services in a responsible and fair way and we treat the debtors with respect and professionalism
We try to understand the debtor’s economic situation in order to offer to the individual the proper customised or tailor-made solution for him to become debt free
We safeguard the reputation of our corporate client, and we treat the customers fairly but firmly

How We Work

We effectively apply the client’s specific collection curves built from payment data of creditors’ portfolios (gross cash, cost, net cash) or his early arrears’ policies and strategies.

We can assist the client in the process of setting early and late arrears strategies and in analyzing and setting treatment strategies and collection curves.

We base our services:

On active and creative management of collection strategies including legal processes
Rigorous controlling of performance
On an experienced management team
Regulatory and local market standards compliance
Steering operations towards desired performance

Why Outsource to Debt End Services

We have an established approach towards debt collection which focuses both on our clients and their customers.

We streamline and improve the client’s debt collection process, enhance the cash flow and increase the profitability. Outsourcing to Debt End Services can help in saving time and costs, improve delinquency rates and allow the client to focus on the core business objectives.


Staff play a key role in the success of the firm. We are constantly looking for dynamic and ambitious individuals to join Debt End Services who have the character and skills to excel in a performance-driven culture. The Firm is dedicated in offering a path of career progression, as the firm has plans for expanding its activities and services, a continuous personal development through training and coaching and an efficient, professional and quality workplace of equal opportunities.

Interested candidates who would like to explore career opportunities with our Firm should send their C.V. to

Currently Recruiting: Collection Officer
Positions Available: 1
Employment: Full-Time, Location: Nicosia